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How to select the right stainless steel grade for Railing / Ornamental application

Stainless steel 304# and 316# are the most popular types of stainless for railing systems. Stainless steel railing systems made from each of these two types offer different strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your options and which applications are suited for each is essential when specifying a new steel railing. 304-grade stainless is also known as “18-8 stainless,” referring to its composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This type of [...]

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Routine Maintenances of Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless steel is an excellent product with common application in railing. But it is, of course stainless steel railings, it can stain, it can rust, it can mark and it can scratch. It can also look like new for a very long time if it’s treated properly.For day to day cleaning, washing with soap or a mild detergent in warm water is quite sufficient for stainless steel. And remember to [...]

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